Helpful FAQs

Check out some of our frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have a specific issue.

A. Yes, the name is registered in your nominated entity or your personal name. If you would like a copy of the registration document and we will provide it to you.

A. The most effective way is to check your Google analytics report on your website and look for referring traffic you will see the Domain Name is listed there and the exact searches.

A. We can see the search numbers each month and see the trend in regards to how the search term is performing ( see the screenshot above for your search term) the clicks can only be seen by viewing the Google analytics report.

A. Your Web developer should have applied a code to your website when he or she built it and you should be getting regular reports. If you do not have a website developer please email and we will arrange for a code to be applied to your website.

A. If you no longer wish to keep the Domain Name, Please drop us a line and we will provide you with a value for the Domain Name Once we have completed the appraisal we can then offer the name for sale.

A. If you can please send us an email to and we will delete both the name for you.

A. If you no longer wish for us to manage the Domain Name please email us on and request the Authorisation code. You will then need to contact your new registry with the code and arrange the transfer. When the name is then transferred you will need to reapply the 301 diversions to ensure the Domain Name is diverting to your website.